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Would you like to make me a present?

For everyone who don't know what to give me for Christmas.. or Easter... or for my birthday, I made a list of things I need for cosplaying or that I whish. Of course if you don't like the things in the list you can ask me!!
Please remember I have an AMAZON wishlist so if you prefer you can choose an item from it!


Check my wishlist on AMAZON

  • Everything's purple (gadgets, accessories, clothing...)
  • Everything branded Hello Kitty (not red items...)
  • Wigs for my cosplays
  • Cosplay costumes from E-bay or cosplay sites
  • A reflex camera with a good zoom
  • Paypal donations
  • Donations for my mobile phone
  • Props and accessories for my costumes (plz ask for my needs)
  • Lolita dresses (please ask for my preferred designs)
  • Japan style school uniform (I love the "sailor" ones)
  • Printing of my business card (I'll do the graphic myself)

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