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Art Gallery

One of my hobbyes is to draw in manga style!
I love to express my thoughts and emotions through the pencil or pen, my only limit is technic!
I didn't attended any art school, so I do not know any coloring and drawing technic o body's proportions...I did learn all by my self! (self made drawer XD)
Some of my oldest drawings are hand coloured with an horrible pastel technic.. after that fortunately I learned how to uce photoshop to color my art and the quality of them suddenly improved!

I divided my Art-Gallery into 3 subsections, Black & White with of course black and white drawings, FanArt with existing characters drawings, Original with original subjects not copied from existing stuff.
The last category, Desktop grops of couse wallpaper made by me, by clicking on the thumbnail you can download the zip file.

What else?? Enjoy my collection!!




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