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  • Hello Len*
  • Hello Len*

    What kind of nick is that?

    Hi I'm Alessandra, I was born in the far 1978.....just do the math to know how old I am!!!
    I'm 1,60 mt. (not)tall, my measurements best not go there!
    I had many school experiences during my lifetime.... primary school, secondary school, the liceo, the "Scuola Italiana Design" (italian school of design) and finally a web design class!!!
    I've been planner & designer of lamps (from drawings to computer rendering); shop assistant; furnitures seller and interior designer......
    And then I finally found my way....the WEB DESIGN !!!
    After attending the web design class, I made a stage in "E-tree", an italian web design agency, where I stayed for 4 mounths, learning so many new things.
    Now I work for a web agency in Roma!
    And things are going quite well lately!!!

    This is the... nineth version of my site!!
    Jqueries rule this time, so you can see my professionality as a web designer and web master!
    The site is darker than before, and big pictures of Len are used as background... Can you imagine something better? XD

    My passions now: cosplay, manga and anime (japanese comics and animation), Mel Gibson, in line skating, drawing, gym and lately the bento!!!!

    About drawing: I love drawing in manga style… I’d love to improve more and more!!! You will find some of my drawings in the art gallery section of the website. And since 2003 I'm also a cosplayer… and of course there's the related gallery.

    Uhm... guess that covers it all, don't you???